Welcome! Facilitation Wellington Dufferin offers independent facilitation and planning services to adults with developmental disabilities who live in the counties of Wellington and Dufferin. Independent facilitation and planning is a unique kind of person directed planning. Our goal is for you or your loved one to be supported by a well-trained and connected facilitator as you work through the process of life planning, and take steps towards meeting your goals.


Independent facilitation is a process that will support you, with the help of the people that you want to be involved, to make important choices about your life.  Your decisions may be about big changes, or the smaller choices in your everyday ordinary life – both are important! Your facilitator will work with you to set your own pace through the facilitation process.  Your facilitator will also help you to get involved as an active member of your community and to develop meaningful relationships. As independent facilitators, we care a great deal about self-direction, community, and relationships.


It is also very important to us at Facilitation Wellington Dufferin that we help our communities to become stronger through ongoing learning. Our facilitators take part in the best training that is available today, and we try to share our knowledge and ideas with the people that we support, and with our larger communities. It is also important to us that the people we support, and those close to them, have access to information through books, events and meeting other people. Learning grows our ability to support each other!


Though we work closely with the different service providers in the community, our focus is always to look to your own community as a first resort for support, opportunities, and connections. Your facilitator will help you to become clear on what you see as your strengths, interests and goals. They will then help connect you with the places and people in your community where those strengths are valued.


We invite you to look through our website! If you have any questions for us, or want to learn more about independent facilitation, we would love to hear from you! You can email us at info@facilitationwellingtondufferin.ca, or click here for other ways to get in touch.

Independent Supports for Person Directed Planning